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The united states Traveler timepiece for American travelers serving the twelve US-relevant globe locations from GMT -10 to GMT +1Serving Metropolitan areas from Honolulu (GMT -10) to Paris (GMT +1)
Angular Momentum is actually a Swiss maker centered in Bern, proven in 1998 and recognized for their determination to generating special and memorable artworks. Of course, each and every manufacturer of haute horlogerie features exactly the same, but this is often what sets Angular Momentum apart the use of some ancient, almost forgotten and then, not-so-ancient art techniques. For instance, replica watches for their Artisan Timepiece Collection "Manu Propria" (which denotes that timepiece is completely hand-made by Martin Pauli), Angular Momentum employs Email Plique à Jour (technique of fusing gold and silver with a special kind of glass) and Email Champleve (an enameling technique which consists of cutting away cells in a metal plate and filling the depressions with pulverized vitreous enamel) and as an exclusivity the Art of "Verre eglomise" (a process in which the back side of glass is gilded with gold or metal leaf) the finest miniature paintings on the back of a watch sapphire crystal or dial. Verre eglomise is often a technique developed and only applied by Angular Momentum.
EUROPA Traveler timepiece for European travelers serving the twelve Europa-relevant globe destinations from GMT -5 to GMT +6Serving Towns from Mexico City (GMT -5) to Novosibirsk (GMT +6)
The other side of Angular Momentum is their Technical timepiece collection and new Traveler model is part of it. In fact, it would be more accurate to say three models the America-Traveler, the Europa-Traveler and the Asia-Traveler. The Longitude 12 Traveler Collection can be a planet time watch but contrary to regular environment time watches, each Traveler represents only 12 related Timezones/Longitudes which means that within 12 time zones, the timepiece itself can cover more destinations.
Two-body circular stainless steel case measuring 42mm with down turned lugs, satin finish with polished bezel and corns, stainless steel crown with AM symbol inlay in black enamel, screwed display back, 3 mm sapphire crystal black coating with red and white names of globe locations on the reverse, hours display by Revolving-Hour-Disks, minute hand, Historical hand-wind movement FHF caliber 96. movement, hublot watch replica 25 jewels, leather strap rolex on sale . Case caliber 42 mm, ten ATM pressure tested.
ASIA Traveler timepiece for Asian tourists serving the 12 Asia-relevant planet locations from GMT 0 to GMT +11Serving Cities from the Azores (GMT 0) to Nouema (GMT +11)
The Traveler Timepieces are always delivered to the customer with his personal home timezone positioned at twelve o'clock for an easy reading.
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