Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Given the role W & G Baird is playing in Covid-19 pharma supply chain and dissemination of vital public information, we have been classified as an Essential Business and will remain open.

We are committed to keeping you informed of our efforts to ensure minimal disruption to our supply chain, as well as our commitment to the safety of our employees and our customers — who remain our priority, as measures are taken to contain and treat COVID-19.
Amid ongoing concerns about the Coronavirus COVID-19, W&G Baird are closely monitoring the latest reports from the government. We are committed to supplying our customers in all markets served and, as such, are actively monitoring our supply chain for potential impacts due to escalation in the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Current Operations

As the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) affects more regions around the world, W&G Baird continues to monitor the situation closely, establishing protocols and guidelines to minimise the impact whenever possible to our employees, our customers and our supply. At this time our operations have not been impacted however, if this changes we have a contingency in place with production partners in England, Scotland and Ireland who we can call upon to support us with our continued supply if required.

Managing Supply Chain Risk

W&G Baird’s business has evaluated the overall supply chain of both our products and key raw material suppliers, to mitigate any potential supply disruption. These measures include, increasing safety stock of materials and activating our validated secondary suppliers in accordance with our quality procedures where necessary. We have not experienced any significant disruption to the availability of our materials to date. We continue to monitor our raw materials supply and any identified impact on orders will be communicated directly to customers, through our sales team.

Travel and Meetings

We are still operating ‘business as usual’, as far as we can and is practical and safe. Where conference calls and video conferencing can be used this is, as ever, encouraged to minimise travel. We are creating notifications requesting that people who have been to certain affected areas do not enter to help keep the well-being of our teams at the forefront. We are also requesting that most external visits and audits of customers and suppliers, at our sites, be postponed or redirected towards virtual meeting options. This further helps you to avoid travel while protecting our employees and sites from unintended disruption.

Going Forward

As a supplier of printed materials, we remain committed to you and are here to support you with your printing needs at this time. As is good practice, we would re-emphasise the importance of cleaning your hands to you and your teams.

Patrick Moffett
Managing Director