November sees the launch of W&G Baird’s ‘Carbon Neutral Journey’ campaign. We have worked hard to find sustainable production methods, stocks and suppliers and we are committed to improving our ways of working, our responsibilities as a company and our responsibilities as individuals. By doing so, we are going to promote the benefits of print and its positive effect on the environment.

Throughout November we will embark on activities to:

  • Highlight and demonstrate greenways to print
  • Share key facts on printing and the environment and what we can do to offset our impact
  • What our senior team are doing as individuals to protect the planet
  • Share our internal pledges and what the team W&G Baird’s are doing individually
  • Commit to going Carbon Neutral in 2022

Our commitment to go Carbon Neutral is central to W&G Baird’s business objectives for 2022 and beyond. We have already made a number of changes to improve our carbon output and are calling on customers and suppliers to join us on our Carbon Neutral journey. – Patrick Moffett, MD


We are calling on you to make a pledge with us in going Carbon Neutral in 2022. By making a pledge and working together we can meet our environmental goals and protect our planet.

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